May 24, 2009

YouTube: Jockstrap Sliding

Here's a video I ran across on youtube that I know you'll enjoy. I'm not even going to try and describe it, just watch:

May 7, 2009

New Site Launched

Hey peeps,

Thought I'd let you lnow—I've started a new site y'all might enjoy,

in a lot of ways it's very similar to MyStraightBuddy. These guys are my real buddies who like to fuck on camera, and they let me tape them with their girl. Often it's the same girl, cuz lord knows there aren't that many girls around here and luckily I know two of them who love some USMC cock and balls.

I started because I know a lot of you out there really like watching some straight porn, but you're watching it for the guys. there's something about straight porn, even for gay men...for one thing you know the guy's really straight, and two they're really into it so it can be lots more sexual sometimes.

Sure there are other sites out there that claim to feature straight guys for gay eyes, but I don't think they do it right (no offense guys). They confuse "wanting to see straight sex" with "wanting to see the girl" and so they leave too much of the chick in. And they don't understand the reason gay men want to watch straight porn is to see super-straight guys being hardcore although there's a guy fucking a girl it's still all frilly and wishy-washy. No, if you're digging on the straight porn it's because you want to see real men, really fucking, and although you want to see them fucking a girl there's no need to see that much of the girl. is about testosterone pure and simple. These are hard-assed guys who love to fuck. So far, every guy on the site has kills in Iraq or Afghanistan. I've been in fights with these guys (not against them, on the same side, usually after the bards let out). These are real guys so comfortable fucking in front of their buddies they don't mind if I tape it.

Some of the guys, including Zack, Matt and King appear on both MyStraightuddy and King especially, after all the shit we did drunk experimenting with each other you might wonder whether he was really straight or not. Well, watch him fuck a chick on and tell me what you think. is a site unlike any other. If you like MyStraightBuddy, check it out!

Watch this preview video, it'll give you an idea of what I'm up to:

May 22, 2008

Marines on Youtube double header

Two awesome new YouTube videos featuring marines again for ya...

May 21, 2008

Missing Zack

It's weird with Zack being gone, I just gotta say. He was a handful for sure but a lot of fun and it's just not the same with him not around. For one thing, I'm able to keep beer in my fridge again.

And no I'm not saying that Zack drinks a lot of beer, although he does. A lot. But he also encouraged me to drink a lot of beer, a fact which is currently written all over my gut.

The thing I'll miss most s having a buddy I can be naked around, and who didn't care about being naked around me. I fucking love to be naked, I'd be naked all the time if I could. It's awesome having friends over but it sucks putting on clothes...I didn't have that problem with Zack, I could sleep naked...get up, hop in the shower, leave the door open, and then just not bother to put anything on because he just didn't give a fuck. Wasn't even remotely interested, but totally didn't give a fuck, we were that tight.

Sometimes we'd hang out in my office, watching YouTube videos or South Park of the Comedy Central site. Just chillin; naked like it was cool. That's your best friend, the one you don't have to put on any clothes for, and they don't even notice. It's so fucking relaxing to have a bro you can chill with like that...grab some beers and kick back with your balls hanging out. Good times.

May 18, 2008

Hobbit gets his ass waxed

A guy with a really tight bubble-butt gets his hairy butt-crack waxed by a girl while his buddy tapes it. His buddy is funny and you can tell by the haircuts they're military's quality ;)

May 15, 2008

Marines shave each other's ass in Iraq

This one actually blew my mind. I've known a lot of marines, nut I never knew any that did this. Some guy, in his digis, has his pants down and is getting his ass shaved. The narrator explains that this is the first ass-shaving of the deployment. And they look so serious when they're doing it too.

May 14, 2008

Two naked Russian buddies

Two naked russian buddies (or maybe brothers, they kinda look alike) play a PC version of Guitar Hero. They're just jammin' away havin a good time...naked. That's how it should be.

May 14, 2008

Dan streaking at 7-11

One of my favorite YouTube videos yet. Some buddies tape their bro Dan going into a 7-11 naked except for his shoes...and the guy actually gets served. Great long shot of the guy standing at the counter, then coming out to show his buddies what he got.